President’s Perspective: The Influence of Small Voices

President’s Perspective: The Influence of Small Voices

The story presented in 2 Kings 5:1-26 illustrates the importance of the small acts of courage and initiative.

The nameless captive young girl was instrumental for the miraculous healing of her master and represents an encouragement for all of us in modern times. We can easily observe several essential facts:

First, she loved and expressed her kindness to her master despite the circumstances of her life. She was not upset with her destiny, and she did not hate her captors.

Second, she communicated her faith in the power of the Healing God. Even in captivity, she remained connected with the Holy Spirit, and she was determined to tell others about the unique possibilities for healing and restoration, only God can provide.

Third, her influence was remarkable. Both her masters and the Syrian king acted boldly based on her conviction and advice. She was genuine, and her testimony was powerful.

We are encouraged to love and offer emotional and spiritual support to people in our circle of influence, even those who may seem responsible for our suffering and negative contexts. God needs every one of us, no matter how humble we are, to testify about His redemptive power and the Good News of the Gospel.

Titus Naftanaila, President