Pedro Luis New Pastor for La Crosse District

Pedro Luis New Pastor for La Crosse District

We are happy to welcome Pedro Luis as the new pastor for the La Crosse district. Pastor Luis has been serving as the interim pastor in the district since September of this year and has accepted the call to serve in a full time capacity.

Pedro was born in Southern California, where he spent most of his youth and young adult life. It wasn’t until after his first summer as a colporteur that his desire grew to serve in the area of ministry. He says, “For years I prolonged that calling leaving college and getting a trade as a welder, it wasn’t until I accepted and surrendered my heart fully to God and asked for a clear direction for my life that I decided to return to school.”

After his second year attending Andrews University, knowing he only had a few credits left to graduate, Pedro decided to take a year off and be a student missionary. He made a commitment with a local church in the Lake Union where he was planning to serve for a year. Everything seemed to be going smoothly until he received a call a day before he was to head out. The local church pastor called to tell him that things weren’t going to work and the plans that had were no more. Pedro recalls, “I was left wondering what would happen next.” God had other plans. With God’s providence and timing Pastor Michael Ehm and the La Crosse Seventh-day Adventist Church took him in as a Pastoral Intern.

During that year as a student intern God worked in Pedro’s heart in a very special way. He says, “My passion for ministry grew even more and with God’s guidance I was certain that He was calling me to ministry.”

We are happy that Pastor Luis has accepted the call to full-time ministry in Wisconsin!


Laurella Case, Communication Coordinator