Loren Nelson III New Pastor for Madison East Church

Loren Nelson III New Pastor for Madison East Church

Loren Nelson has accepted the call to serve as pastor of the Madison East District. Pastor Nelson has pastored here in Wisconsin before from 1998-2004 as an associate in Green Bay, and later as senior pastor in the Fox Valley District. Following that time Pastor Nelson pastored in Indiana before becoming the Youth Director and then Executive Secretary in the Dakota Conference.

Pastor Nelson received his BA in Religion and a minor in Biblical Languages from Southern Adventist University, and then completed Seminary at Andrews University in 1998.

“I chose to go into pastoral ministry because I had good mentors growing up,” said Pastor Nelson, “and I wanted to be that kind of a person and give back to my church. My wife and I consider our churches and our schools family! We look forward to joining the Wisconsin team as we do ministry back where we started ministry. We are looking forward to meeting the entire team and coming to camp meeting every year!!”

Pastor Nelson and his wife, Sue, have two children, Lucas and Madison. In their free time they enjoy getting outside, riding bikes, playing games, and spending time with friends. They plan to join us in Wisconsin in mid-August. We welcome them to our Conference!

Juanita Edge, Communication Director


*Pastor Nelson’s wife, Sue has agreed to serve as Superintendent of Education for the Wisconsin Conference. Click HERE to read more.