Jonathan Fetrick New Public Relations and Religious Liberty Coordinator

Jonathan Fetrick New Public Relations and Religious Liberty Coordinator

“I am happy to be serving the Wisconsin Conference as the Public Affairs & Religious Liberty Coordinator,” said Pastor Jonathan Fetrick. “I hope to raise interest in subscriptions to Liberty Magazine in our conference via helping pastors and local religious liberty leaders identify people who would like to receive the magazine. I plan on continuing connecting people who have Sabbath work issues with the resources they need to help them in their particular situations. My hope is to run the PARL Department in Wisconsin in such a way that it can make a practical impact in the life of our church members.

“The Lake Union PARL Director Nick Miller, Esq. promotes an active program including promoting the Liberty Magazine Campaign, presenting at camp meeting every other year, and holding a Religious Liberty Rally in our conference every other year.  For this Dr. Miller has chosen the theme ‘Jesus and Politics.’ The theme focuses on the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5-7. Dr. Miller hopes to raise awareness of the role being like Jesus via following his teachings could make in the way we live our lives and relate to each other.”

Jonathan Fetrick, pastor of the Wisconsin Academy Church District, holds a degree in Theology with Minors in Biblical Languages, Preaching, and History from Southern Adventist University. He also obtained his Masters of Divinity from Andrews University.

Pastor Fetrick is married to Michelle, and they have three children, Caleb, Ellie, and Addison. In his free time, Pastor Fetrick enjoys backpacking and camping, basic home remodeling, and exercising.

Juanita Edge, Communication Director