March 31 Conference Update Related to COVID-19

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As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to disrupt people’s lives around the world we would like to share another update on it’s effect on the Wisconsin Conference.

The conference office building remains closed, with personnel working remotely. They can be contacted by leaving a message at their office number, or they can be reached through email or their cell phones.

All church buildings remain closed. While the governor’s orders prevent people from coming to the church buildings for worship, worship services are happening in many of our churches across the conference through live-streaming, video conferences and conference calls. A list of churches that are having on-line services may be found on the conference website. Our Milwaukee pastors are providing morning and evening devotionals, as well as stories for children daily. Pastor Eric Chavez and Pastor Steve Hall are providing weekly Bible studies, especially for young people. In addition our conference leaders are also providing a weekly sermon series each Friday entitled “Forward In Faith,” which can be viewed on the conference Facebook and website. The first sermon in this series, by Mike Edge, is listed here.

All school buildings remain closed. Our K-10 schools, as well as Wisconsin Academy, are providing on-line distance learning for students. Our teachers are developing on-line videos, mailing out assignment packets and providing other teaching tools so that the education of our students can continue while they are at home.

All conference sponsored events have been cancelled or rescheduled through April. These would include the WA Music Fest, Education Fair, Pathfinder Fair, Hispanic Brotherhood, etc. Wisconsin Academy Alumni Weekend has been rescheduled for October 16-18.

During this difficult time I would encourage you to do the following;

1. Practice appropriate social distancing and careful hygiene
2. Follow local, state and federal guidelines to protect yourself and others
3. Find ways to connect with members of your church family – especially the vulnerable and lonely
4. Practice good financial stewardship. You may give through Online Giving or you can send your tithes and offerings to your local church treasurer
5. Be a good neighbor and find creative ways to serve during this crisis
6. Pray for God’s protection of those who are exposing themselves to provide care for those who are sick and suffering
7. Pray that we will be strengthened in our relationship with God, and grow to depend fully on Him

We will provide additional updates as this situation continues to develop and change almost daily.

I pray that we will allow this health crisis to focus our attention more on our relationship with God, and ripening up for heaven. If God has led us to this, He will lead us through it.

Mike Edge, Conference President