WRAO Radio Impacts Wisconsin Heartland

WRAO Radio Impacts Wisconsin Heartland

In a little room in the Wisconsin Rapids Seventh-day Adventist Church operates a radio station, Wisconsin Rapids Adventist Outreach, (WRAO) which air’s 3ABN radio and music around the clock. Listener’s letters and comments come in regularly letting the members know their investment in this outreach ministry is helping them develop a closer walk with Jesus.

Recently an inmate after writing of his mistakes and regrets in life, shared his appreciation for the station saying, “Today I find myself on the ‘asking’ side of life, needing a little help…I’m requesting if possible to have a KJV study Bible and Bible studies sent to me….Inside I’m broken and ashamed. I’m really hurting… I love the Lord and I know the Lord loves me. Still I find it so difficult to look forward to tomorrow…I need help and prayer…Thank you so much for 3ABN Radio.”

According to Dean Thomas, WRAO station manager, WRAO radio has the potential of reaching 20-30 thousand people. “When someone ask us about how far our station reaches,” says Dean Thomas, “I always say, ‘Wherever the Lord wants us to reach,’ because we’ve had a listener contact us from 70 miles away, and our reach is technically only 50 miles.”

The Wisconsin Rapids church has rented two billboard signs to advertise WRAO radio. One is along highway 73, the main road from Marshfield to Wisconsin Rapids, and has a reach of 16,000 people per week. The other sign is along highway 54 between Plover and Wisconsin Rapids with a reach of 26,000 people per week.

There are over 10 low-power Adventist radio stations across the Wisconsin Conference, and WRAO is currently the only full-power station. Continue to keep this vital ministry our our conference in your prayers.

By Juanita Edge, Communication Director, with a listener letter shared by Joseph Perricellia, Pastor of the Wisconsin Rapids District