Welcome to Cristian Sorto New Rhinelander District Pastor

Welcome to Cristian Sorto New Rhinelander District Pastor

Pastor Cristian Sorto, with his new bride, Génesis, have accepted the call to serve the Rhinelander District churches in Clearwater Lake, Lakeland, Rhinelander, and Tomahawk. Pastor Cristian is bilingual, mission oriented, and graduated May of 2021 with a Theology degree from Southern Adventist University.

When Cristian was born, his parents had just joined the Adventist Church, so from a young age he was very involved with church life. In early adolescence he became discouraged with church. Soon after he spent a summer in Wisconsin as a literature evangelist. “That revived a passion in me to serve Jesus,” said Cristian. “I felt for the first time a real encounter with Jesus.”

Cristian also began a music ministry traveling to different churches to preach and share music which he created himself. As he connected with other Christian people, experienced the joy of seeing people surrender to Christ during his concerts, and witnessed the miracle of new birth in baptisms, his love for God grew. These experiences, combined with his canvassing experiences solidified Cristian’s decision to pursue a career in ministry. Now, says Cristian, “my greatest passion is to be able to reach souls for Jesus Christ. I pray that through my sermons souls may come to know better the message of salvation. Every song/sermon that I write, every lyric that I sing, I pray can be used to transform lives through the Holy Spirit.”

In his free time, Cristian enjoys playing basketball and soccer. He loves creating and producing music, has released four albums, and is working on his fifth. His wife, Génesis, graduated from Southern Adventist University with a degree in psychology. She plans to further her education with a masters degree.

“My greatest desire is for my congregations, and everyone I encounter, to see Jesus through me, and that they may grow in their personal walks with God,” says Cristian. “My wife and I are so excited to be a part of the Wisconsin Conference. I hope I can help to grow Jesus’ kingdom as a good steward, leader, and pastor.”

Juanita Edge, Communication Director