This Week: Spreading Help, Hope, and Happiness Across Wisconsin

This Week: Spreading Help, Hope, and Happiness Across Wisconsin


Gotta love these two! Youth Pastors Kevin and Amy Morino of Green Bay Adventist Church stopped by to say hi 👋 But at a safe distance of course! 😂

-Samisoni Kauala Tulikihakau in De Pere, WI


Scott Baker, Ranger at Camp Wakonda, needed to get supplies in town, and thought of his elderly neighbors living around the lake so asked via email,

“I’m headed to town, can I get you anything?”

“Yes, please!” replied one neighbor.

Scott delivered their groceries to the door and keeping “social distancing,” enjoyed a short visit.

“They were so grateful,” smiled Scott, “It’s fun to help out.”


This past weekend, to keep up spirits and get some fresh air, the head elder at The Shepherd’s House came up with a photo scavenger hunt for our church. Jody Marsh then created a video compilation of all the photos.

It was fun searching for examples of the world God has created, and good to know spring is around the corner. Jennifer and I found almost everything.

Rosy cheeks, pine cones, yellow snow, bird nest, animal track, wasp nest, tree with no leaves, tree with leaves, a feather, acorns, a seed pod.

-Pastor Justin Spady

What are you doing to spread help, hope and happiness? Share your experience by sending an email or calling Juanita Edge