Prophecy Countdown Seminar in Waukesha Community Church with Conference Evangelist Tom Michalski

Prophecy Countdown Seminar in Waukesha Community Church with Conference Evangelist Tom Michalski

Conference evangelist Pastor Tom Michalski held the first “Prophecy Countdown Seminar” during March and April touching lives with God’s Word in the Milwaukee area. The first two weekends of meetings were held at The Holiday Inn of Pewaukee drawing in over 100 guests and members on night one!

As preparation, the hosting congregation of Waukesha Community SDA Church engaged in 40 days of prayer while fasting from social media of choice. In addition, Pastor Myoung Kwon gave inspirational talks which encouraged members to pray, then connect with and finally invite friends and acquaintances to the seminar. It was evident that prayer made a positive impact on the effectiveness of the advertising.

A social media advertising effort, personal invitations and a large mailing provided multiple opportunities for many in the area to hear God’s message for our time.

Pastor Michalski emphasized the priorities of knowing Jesus and drawing closer to Him during the meetings. While prophetic messages were the basis for many presentations, the central figure was always the Lord Jesus. Many were delighted to find out that Daniel and Revelation can be understood. Attendees were taught, “A text taken out of context is a pretext!” And “If you want to know what the Bible means, you must first know what the Bible says!”

Two close friends faithfully attended every evening meeting. Marcia said, “We didn’t plan on attending so many, but we found that we looked forward to each presentation.  Pastor Tom is a very good presenter who keeps your interest!” Sharon agreed, “I really enjoyed the health talk, ‘What You Don’t Know Might Be Killing You,’ and I like how Tom interjects personal anecdotes. We’ve never been to a more welcoming church!”

The six weekends of seminar presentations culminated in the baptism of two candidates, Marge Iller and Mike Anzivino. A time of fellowship and celebration followed.

Mike said he first came to the meetings because he wanted to learn about prophecy. He said his other churches didn’t teach prophecy. He reported “being fed” night after night with Bible instruction at Prophecy Countdown. He declared confidently, “The Holy Spirit led me here.” He was sprinkled as a little child long ago, but now elected a baptism by immersion “like Jesus” as he makes an informed decision. With a smile Mike said he anticipates more Spirit power in his life as a result of following Jesus’ chosen method of baptism.

Marge accompanied her husband to the SDA church while also attending her church on Sundays since their marriage three years ago. After a lengthy illness Marge fell on the ice and broke her wrist. Church member, Emily, began visiting Marge. During the visits Marge shared her desire to understand the Bible better and Emily offered to study with her. After several weeks, the Prophecy Countdown seminar began, and Marge attended every night with her happy husband! She said, “Something’s happening! I can’t get enough of the Bible learning. I’m learning so much and my eyes have been opened!” She is excited that, although she had very little Bible instruction growing up, God has been leading her step by step to a closer walk with Him.

Friends and family rejoice together as these and other dear souls find the light of God’s Word shining into their hearts in new and powerful ways.

Emily Goodenough, Waukesha SDA Church Elder