Music and the Word: Inspiring Worship Works Wisconsin

Music and the Word: Inspiring Worship Works Wisconsin

The full day of activities on Sabbath, November 4, at the Madison Community Seventh-Day Adventist Church inspired us with worship experiences via music and sermons from guest musicians and pastors. First, we were blessed by the beautiful singing and harmonies of the Andrews University Malagasy Choir, led by Narda Herimalala. The praise songs included one in their native language from Madagascar. We felt like their choir was a preview of our joy of singing in heaven with new friends.

Our special guest, a local band by the name In2U, blessed us in the afternoon session with their versions of contemporary Christian songs from artists heard on Christian radio. The songs also included 2 new compositions by Pastor Rowell Puedivan. The band members are Pastor Puedivan, Bernard Quipot, Elton San Lorenzo, and Archie Uy. Their musical talents uplifted us with the lyrics of praise to the Lord.

Pastor Zack Payne, Wisconsin Conference Youth Director, was our morning speaker. He emphasized the importance of being genuinely welcoming to all who come through our doors and creating opportunities for fellowship. By including them in groups/ministries/activities beyond the morning worship service, this welcoming atmosphere helps them feel part of our Christian community and not like outsiders. We want to draw people to Jesus and get out the message that God loves them. We can also do this by inviting young people to leadership roles.

Our afternoon speaker, Pastor Myoung Kwon from the Waukesha District, preached that Jesus said “Feed My Sheep and Follow Me”. Pastor Kwon encouraged us to make a commitment to follow Jesus for the rest of our lives and follow His instructions to the disciples to teach, preach, and heal others by introducing them to Jesus. If we need more confidence to be able to spread the Gospel, remember to study the Scriptures and know that the Holy Spirit will put your heart on fire.

The other musical experiences of the day came from Madison Community’s two Praise Teams which opened morning worship and also Eric Gordon, singer-songwriter/music producer, who performed two of his own praise songs in the afternoon.

The supper break included time for attendees to take creative photos for our new Instagram account that is now available to everyone for free use of these images. Here is the Instagram name: worshipworks_wisconsin. You may also visit the WorshipWorks Wisconsin Facebook page for these photos and videos of the event.

“For you, O LORD, have made me glad by your work;
at the works of your hands I sing for joy.” – Psalm 92:4

“Hear your people sing, Holy
To the King of Kings, Holy
You will always be, Holy
Holy forever”

Theme song of the event: “Holy Forever” by Chris Tomlin et al.

To watch the day’s events, visit our YouTube channel:

Pastor Payne and the Malagasy Choir –
Pastor Kwon and the In2U Band –


Sue Martin, Member of the Madison Community Seventh-Day Adventist Church