Madison Community Celebrates Five Baptisms

Madison Community Celebrates Five Baptisms

Two very special Sabbaths were recently celebrated at Madison Community Church: October 17, 2020, when sisters Kaelan and Nealah Dorh were baptized; and October 21, 2020, when Liz Killian and siblings Nathaniel and Hailey Xiong were baptized.

Kaelan, Nealah, Nathaniel, and Hailey all requested Bible studies with Pastor Puedivan and completed them with flying colors. Upon completion of their studies, they made requests for baptism. They have also received guidance from their parents, all of whom are leaders in our church.

Liz Killian, after hearing about the Seventh-day Sabbath while watching a series by John Bradshaw on It Is Written, contacted the Madison Community Church through our website and Facebook page. Pastor Rowell Puedivan responded to her immediately, and they soon began Bible studies. Pastor Rowell says Liz is a real prayer warrior. The timing of her baptism was at the end of our local church prophecy seminar “Revelation Today.” Liz received the entire set of study guides and will continue studying with Pastor Rowell.

We rejoice alongside these five individuals who have chosen to follow Jesus.

Sue Martin, Madison Community Church Clerk