LaCrosse Seventh-day Adventist Church Hosts Young Adult Sabbath

LaCrosse Seventh-day Adventist Church Hosts Young Adult Sabbath

The following is adapted from the Wakonda Facebook page posted on March 24, 2024.

On Sabbath, March 23, the La Crosse Seventh-day Adventist Church hosted a Young Adult Sabbath. The theme of the weekend was Leadership Principles from the Book of Nehemiah. For Sabbath School, a panel discussed the first three chapters. Dr. Amir Gulzar (Wisconsin Conference Executive Secretary/Treasurer) came and shared from his experiences in leadership and from his passion for the book, particularly in chapter 4.

Following this study, the young adults then went downtown to serve the homeless population. The city has cleaned up the tent cities, which has left many folks looking for new places to go, or leaving town. In this case, many are living in the park pictured. The group prayed with folks and handed out various food and hygiene items, including care packages that were prepared by the local Coulee Coyotes Pathfinder Club.

Finally, everyone came back to the church for a study on leadership in Nehemiah 13 with Pastor Zack. Pastor Titus Naftanaila, Wisconsin Conference President, also stopped by for a bit, after his morning with the Sparta Church. It was a high Sabbath and participants are already looking forward to future Young Adult events, in La Crosse and elsewhere in the state.

Zack Payne, Youth Director