Eric Anderson New Lay Pastor for Wautoma Church

Eric Anderson New Lay Pastor for Wautoma Church

Eric Anderson has agreed to serve as lay pastor of the Wautoma Seventh-day Adventist Church Company. Pastor Eric was instrumental in initiating the Wautoma church plant which began in April of 2016, and has served as their head elder since that time. “I was raised in an Adventist home,” said Eric. “There’s never been a time when I left the Seventh-day Adventist Church, but I have had my ups and downs with worldly things at times. Still, the Lord just keeps pulling me in a little closer and I keep growing a little stronger as time goes by.”

At camp meeting several years back, Eric wandered into a mid-week church planting seminar by Pastor Lisa Isensee. “This is amazing!” thought Eric. “Why doesn’t everyone do this!” From then on Eric learned everything he could about evangelism and church planting. After about three years, Eric decided it was time to actually do some church planting. He knew families in the Wautoma area were commuting an hour each way to attend an Adventist church, so he started calling them about the idea of a church plant in Wautoma. Most everyone said, “Let’s do it,” and everyone worked together to make it happen. “It’s a blessing to be a part of something like this,” said Eric. Today there are about 25 English speaking and 25 Spanish speaking members worshiping together in Wautoma.

Eric has an Associate Degree in Computer Support he earned from Fox Valley Technical College. About the time he graduated, he married his wife, Carrie, and they decided they wanted to live more rural than where the computer jobs would take him. So for the past 17 years Eric has worked at Pick ‘N Save, and is now Assistant Manager for the produce department. He, his wife Carrie, and their two young children, William and Ember, live in a 150 year old homestead house his family has owned ever since the family came here from Norway.

Spending time with family is top priority for Eric. He and Carrie enjoy taking the children to the park, camping, and absolutely love going to camp meeting each summer. When alone, Eric enjoys reading and doing some writing.

Juanita Edge, Communication Director