Carlton Mouzon, New Pastor for the Lena District

Carlton Mouzon, New Pastor for the Lena District

Pastor Carlton Mouzon has agreed to be the new pastor for the Lena Church District beginning in December. He graduated with a BA in Theology and minors in Practical Theology and Biblical Languages from Southern Adventist University in 2015.

Pastor Mouzon has served in literature evangelism, evangelism training, and held a full evangelistic series in Bolivia, South America. He has served in the community forming partnerships to mentor young boys in the city of Atlanta. As Outreach Coordinator for the Upper Columbia Conference in Washington State, Pastor Mouzon was involved with discipleship and evangelism training to members, outreach ministry in the community, and door to door visitations to minister to various needs and provide Bible studies. He currently serves as elder at the Newnan First SDA Church providing discipleship training, teaching, and community outreach planning.

“My awareness of God’s call was something that I initially felt in a general sense,” said Pastor Mouzon. “That awareness increased over time as a result of interaction with other believers. After my baptism, I worked for four years at a secular job while ministering to others through Bible studies and serving the church in various positions. Near the end of that fourth year I really began to fast and pray about what God would have me to do with my life. One Friday night I prayed silently and intently that God would reveal what His specific purpose was for me. On that Sabbath morning, something strange happened. I was a deacon at that time and was becoming used to our usual meetings every Sabbath morning before church starts. But this particular Sabbath I began to notice that the head deacon was continually referring to me and addressing me as “Pastor Mouzon.” Every time he said it I was noticing that there was no reaction from the fellow deacons and it almost seems as if the head deacon didn’t realize he was saying it. Shortly after leaving that meeting, one of the older members greeted me with a handshake, gave me a gift, and walked away. It was a book entitled, “How to Prepare Sermons.” Later I noticed that as I went around town that strangers were not only asking me if I was a pastor but were identifying me as one. God made it absolutely clear when our pastor publicly prayed for me and my wife as a couple that had been called into pastoral ministry. This seemed odd because I had never mentioned anything along those lines to him or anyone else.”

“Today, my passion is to see people of different ethnic backgrounds, from all classes, young and old, come out of darkness into light and experience God’s transforming power to walk in newness of life. I love to see the experience of genuine conversion. I’m also passionate about clearing up misrepresentations of God’s character that come as a result of false teachings or traditions that do not square up with God’s word. This outlook makes Bible studies more than a means of showing that my understanding is correct and that other views are wrong. The intent is to remove any clouds of doubt that the enemy has produced to hide or obscure the fact that God is love. Therefore, genuine conversion requires genuine education, and I’m passionate about both.”

Brenda, Pastor Mouzon’s wife, has been an educator for 19 years. They have one son, Christian, who is 19 years old and currently a sophomore at Oakwood University. He enjoys poetry and music. He sings, plays alto saxophone, and some piano. Their daughter, Moriah, is seven years old and in second grade. She’s a very bright and thoughtful child who enjoys singing, learning, and making new friends.

In his free time, Pastor MouzonI enjoys reading, writing, studying, photography, art, and cooking. He loves the outdoors and has a passion for detailing and restoring cars.

“My family and I seek to glorify God, to edify His church, and to share His message with those in darkness. We are eagerly looking forward to partnering with you as we all seek to reveal and reflect the character of Christ to others.”

Juanita Edge, Communication Director