Holy Spirit Conviction Leads to Four Baptisms in Durand

Holy Spirit Conviction Leads to Four Baptisms in Durand

It was while driving his semi-truck across that United States that Andrew Miller first felt a conviction to read and listen to the Bible all the way through. He had been listening to and watching Adventist programs online for about two years. But now, he felt led to search the Scriptures deeply. Along with his faithful study of the Bible, Andrew read the Great Controversy, the Desire of Ages, Steps to Christ, and many other books. He wanted to learn so much more about God.

As he read, he felt the Holy Spirit impressing him to attend the local Seventh-day Adventist Church, so in September of 2020, Andrew walked into the church in his hometown of Durand. Andrew and Pastor Ivandale Remocal soon met, and interestingly, both Pastor Remocal and Andrew’s wife, Evelyn, were from the Philippines. On his next visit to church, Andrew brought Evelyn and his three-year-old daughter, Izabela, with him. They soon became friends with the pastor’s family and many of the church members.

After a few weeks, Pastor Remocal began a Zoom Bible study with Andrew, Evelyn, and several others. These studies continued for eight months. As they compared scripture with scripture, conviction grew in their hearts. They could see a beauty in the life of Christ and in the Biblical teachings of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Unable to keep these things to himself, Andrew began sharing with two of his friends, Nicholas Martineau and Jim Wingert. He sent them some videos that had impacted his own decision to follow Jesus, and encouraged them to begin studying for themselves.

So it was with great rejoicing on June 12, 2021, that church members, friends, and family gathered at a riverside park in Wabasha, Minnesota, to witness the baptisms of Andrew, Evelyn, Nicholas, and Jim. Though unseen, we know that all of heaven rejoiced as well. Even Izabela took part, as she was dedicated to God in the Durand church.

Andrew’s passion for studying the Bible and following the life of Christ has not dimmed. He likes talking about the Bible with Pastor Remocal. Once when Pastor Remocal joined Andrew on a trip in his semi-truck, they discuss how God is working in a mighty way in reaching people’s hearts amidst the chaos of this world.  “It’s only you follow God or not,” said Andrew. “When you follow Him, you follow Him all the way through.”

Pastor Remocal agrees. “God is already working in many individuals,” he says, “and He will be the One who will bring His people to His fold at the right time. Our work is to respond to God’s calling in loving, caring, and teaching them about the life of Christ as the perfect pattern of righteousness and salvation.”

As shared by Ivandale T. Remocal, pastor for the Durand District
Edited by Wisconsin Conference Communication Department