For Such A Time as This: Wisconsin Young Adult Using Her Talent to Bless Others

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The following was written by one of our Wisconsin Young Adults and previously published on the Wakonda Blog.

While retrieving the mail one ordinary day in 2017, something caught my eye on the back of a magazine—a brightly-colored advertisement for a new kids’ program called Discovery Mountain. Intrigued, I told my mom, and our family began listening to it. From the very first episode, I was hooked. I loved it so much I wanted to be involved somehow. Seemingly impossible then, I had no idea what adventures were in store.

I contacted Discovery Mountain, expressing my interest. They responded that they wouldn’t need voice actors for 9-12 months. I accepted it and moved on. But after meeting Miss Jean (Boonstra) at Wisconsin campmeeting, she emailed saying they had an audition soon. I emailed back, disappointedly declining because I was unavailable on that date. Surprisingly, Miss Jean replied that they could audition me separately. I was thrilled about the opportunity, and the audition went smoothly. 

However, I became less hopeful as time passed, until I woke from a peculiar dream one Wednesday morning. I had no recollection of it; I just knew in the dream I had gotten the part. I felt impressed that, “Today, I will find out whether or not I will get the part, and the answer will be Yes.” As the day passed uneventfully, so did my memory of both the dream and the impression.

After reading an acceptance letter from Discovery Mountain the next morning, I suddenly recalled my dream. The email had come late the previous night, so it actually did arrive on Wednesday. Shaking my head in amazement, I exclaimed, “Wow, God! If my calculations are correct, You’re pretty amazing!” They were and He is.

I had been cast to play the role of Haddie (Hadassah) Bellamy, a modern-day Esther. Fascinatingly, I found the story of Esther popping up everywhere in my life. From radio programs, to songs, to memorizing Esther and Daniel for Pathfinder Bible Experience, Mordecai’s message, “for such a time as this,” was ubiquitous in my life.

Soon, my mom and I were aboard a plane bound for our destination, Loveland, Colorado, Voice of Prophecy’s Headquarters which is Discovery Mountain’s parent ministry. As we gained altitude, the anticipation and apprehensiveness also rose. Why was I, an ordinary girl, chosen to voice Haddie? (See character description below.) 

What if I couldn’t do it or the other actors didn’t like the idea of a newcomer? Worries clouded my mind as I gazed at the scattered clouds outside my window. 

Then, I noticed a magnificent double rainbow in the azure expanse beneath us, seeming to accompany the plane while growing more vivid by the second. Looking closer, I realized that the shadow of our plane lay at the very center of the rainbow, encircled by resplendent colors– a promise of God’s watchcare. 

The recording week went amazingly well, creating lasting memories and fortifying my faith through answered prayers and unexpected surprises. As different actors befriended me, Discovery Mountain started to feel like one big family. My heart felt like it was also in the middle of a rainbow because I knew I was following God’s will and whatever happened would be what He wanted.

Fast forward to 2019, when Miss Jean cast Haddie in some mini-episodes. Being unable to return to Loveland, Program Director Doug, together with my sister, made it possible to record from my home studio. With much prayer, googling, and perseverance, I became one of the first to record remotely, which became a necessity for Discovery Mountain in 2020.

In 2021, I had the privilege of writing a mini episode for Discovery Mountain entitled “Adopted,” which officially aired in November 2022. Now, six years after my journey with Discovery Mountain began, I still look back in amazement at how God used an ordinary girl like me to encourage so many people’s faith, just like Esther of old. God’s not done using ordinary people to do extraordinary things “for such a time as this.”

Anna Foll, member of the Watertown Seventh-day Adventist Church and writer for the Wakonda Wednesday Blog