First Annual Science Expo for 7th-10th Grade Students

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Do you know how dolphin brains differ from human brains? Or how cheese affects the human body? Do you have questions about Leukemia, black holes, aroma therapy or cyberbullying? These topics and over 60 others were researched, explained and displayed by upper grade Wisconsin Seventh-day Adventist students at the Science Expo held at Wisconsin Academy (WA) Tuesday, April 23.

Each student was quizzed by several judges who analyzed their displayed projects, as well as their research methods, tests, results, and conclusions. “It was really scary answering questions from the judges,” said a wide-eyed 7th grader from Waukesha. “But it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.” More than 150 students from Wisconsin Adventist elementary, K-10, and secondary schools participated in the events of the day, plus teachers, parents and chaperones.

While a quarter of the students were having their projects judged, the other students were rotating through chemistry and physics classes taught by WA teachers, and a learning module with live animals brought by the Henry Vilas Zoo in Madison. In the afternoon, an educator from the Dane County Humane Society instructed students on what to do with rehabilitating animals.

In the Physics session, students learned about angular momentum while holding a spinning wheel and standing on a spinner platform. Then they all became young chemists and taught how to observe, ask why, test, and analyze what actions to take with their hypothesis. Then they met a 24-year-old ornate boxer turtle, learned about an African frog, bue-tongued Skink, a scary looking boll python, and a skunk!

For the final event of the day, WA students led some lively singing before Pastor Jonathan Fetrick of the WA Church shared a short devotional about the wisdom of taking humble learner attitude in life rather than acting like we know more than others.

The first annual Science Expo concluded with a few words and prayer by Andrew Easley, associate intern to the superintendent of education.

Juanita Edge, Communication Director

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