Family Life: Your Brain in Love and Dating Your Spouse

Family Life: Your Brain in Love and Dating Your Spouse

Enjoy these resources from our Family Life Ministries Coordinator:

What Happens in Your Brain When You’re in Love? Psychological scientists are studying what happens in your brain when you begin to feel lovestruck and how the brain changes over time when it comes to love. “Love is a biological necessity–it’s as needed for our well-being as exercise, water, and food,” said neuroscientist Stephanie Cacioppo, PhD. “And from a neuroscientific viewpoint, we can really say that love blossoms in the brain.” Interesting article (Click HERE) from the American Psychological Association.

Date Your Spouse. Alysse ElHage, from the Institute for Family Studies (IFS) writes (Click HERE for article) that “Husbands and wives who reported more frequent date nights reported being happier in their marriages and less likely to see divorce in their future.”

Speaking of dating your spouse, the latest Prepare-Enrich blog (Click HERE) shares a go-to guide for all things date night. As they explain, “When it comes to date night, do you go with “tried and true” or “something new?” Or maybe your style is simply “whatever we can squeeze in.” The truth is, there’s no ‘correct’ way to do date night – the most important part is that you’re doing it! If you’re looking for date ideas to fit your mood or season of life, searching for ways to reignite your enthusiasm for date night, or need some tips for making date night happen, look no further.

Abraham Swamidass, Family Life Ministries Coordinator