Family Life: Smartphones and Phubbing Plus More Resources

Family Life: Smartphones and Phubbing Plus More Resources

Enjoy these resources from our Family Ministries Coordinator:

Smartphones and Phubbing. David G. Myers writes for the Institute of Family Studies (IFS) that “We are made for face-to-face relationship. Even the phone’s mere presence decreases people’s feelings of closeness with their conversational partner.” This article (click here) is a good reminder that we need to set technology aside and spend time in face-to-face communication.

Religiosity & Deaths of Despair. A new paper suggests that religious connection is an important limiter of risk for a death of “despair.” Deaths of despair is the collective term of-late assigned to suicide, alcohol, and drug overdose deaths. Another very good article (click here) from IFS.

Guide for couples considering divorce. The Utah State University has a booklet you can download for free and share with couples considering divorce. It is entitled, Should I try to work it out? and you can download it here.


Abraham Swamidass, Family Life Ministries Coordinator