Evangelism in a COVID World

Evangelism in a COVID World

The year 2020 has been very unusual to say the least with the health crisis affecting not only the United States, but the whole world. We have experienced lock downs, closed churches, mask mandates and social distancing. Some of us have lost loved ones as the virus makes its inroads into our communities. Businesses and churches have closed down, some of them permanently.

In this unusual environment, Pastor Tom Michalski partnered with Pastor Jean Mark A’Kessler and the Tomahawk Community Seventh-day Adventist Church to attempt public evangelism. The previously mentioned concerns were just some of the issues facing the Tomahawk Church as they were deciding whether or not they would sponsor a community wide public evangelistic meeting.

Would the church be allowed to hold public meetings? Would anybody even come out to a series of public meetings under these conditions?

The church prayed for guidance and believed that the Lord wanted them to proceed and that God was going to bless them as they moved forward in faith.

The meetings began on September 10, and the church was overjoyed as they saw visitors start to enter the Tomahawk Senior Center. Tomahawk Wisconsin is a community of about 3,300 individuals,   28 of which came to these meetings. 

Night after night as truth was continuing to unfold, the guests continued coming. One of the guests told Pastor Michalski, “We look forward to coming here each night. This is the highlight of our day!” As the series continued they transitioned to meeting in the Tomahawk Church and 15 guests continued attending. By series end, 13 of the guests faithfully attended and committed to continue the follow-up studies and attend church with nine already making decisions to be baptized.

Members from the Tomahawk Church, as well as members from the other churches in the district, really supported the meetings with their presence and their prayers.  Even amidst all the negative things going on in our world today, God has shown this community that He is still ready to bless if we will go forward with Him in faith.


Tom Michalski, Conference Evangelist
with Adam Case, Ministerial Director