Discipleship Training Sparks Desire for Something More

Discipleship Training Sparks Desire for Something More

Looking to fulfill the gospel commission in ever more effective ways, twelve individuals from Wisconsin met for a discipleship and revival seminar at Camp Wakonda on February 22-26, 2023. Seminar presenter, Pastor Don MacLafferty, founder/president of In Discipleship, directed morning and afternoon sessions each day. In addition to the daily sessions, three evenings were allotted for engagement at three area churches.

When initially asked, all three churches – Oxford, Portage and Reedsburg – were open to the idea of hosting a three-night revival and discipleship series. But, once the meetings started, each church enthusiastically inquired, and then made plans, to continue the efforts for the entire suggestion of seven nights for their church families.

Considering the positive response of both seminar attendees and the church members who came out to the evening meetings, the Wisconsin Conference plans to include a discipleship seminar with three daily sessions Monday through Thursday, June 19-22, at this year’s camp meeting at Camp Wakonda.

The hope for big picture impact is that this training will encourage more members to disciple their families, friends and neighbors to become followers of Jesus so more can be prepared for His very soon return.

Susan Slickers, member of the Green Bay Seventh-Day Adventist Church