Wisconsin Academy Students Attend Leadership Training at Camp Au Sable

Wisconsin Academy Students Attend Leadership Training at Camp Au Sable

Several student leaders at Wisconsin Academy recently joined over ninety other students from academies around the Lake Union in attending a four day leadership training event at Camp Au Sable. In addition to breakout sessions focusing on leadership, the students enjoyed times of worship and fellowship as well as some fun activities.

Two Wisconsin Academy students wrote about their experience at the leadership event.

Delice Uwitonze, Pastor of the Junior Class shared the following:

“I enjoyed the Leadership weekend because it was nice to see people my age from other areas who are willingly choosing to follow Christ and wanting to share the message with others. We got to break up into groups and come up with ideas on how to lead out in our own schools. It felt nice to be open and be myself. So many shared stories and testimonies that were both touching and inspiring.

We had fun canoeing, doing go carts on the track, 3-legged races, designing t-shirts, and had a pie eating contest. Then a bonfire where we sang songs and reflected on all that we had learned over the weekend. Each school took a turn leading out in song service before worship so it was great to see the talents of everyone. The music was my favorite part. And being carefree with no worries to focus on the weekend and meeting with everyone. I highly recommend anyone who is able should go to Leadership weekend.”

Sophia Baun, Vice-President of the Junior Class also shared from her experience:

“I was impressed by the staff and how organized they were. They made us feel like we were apart of the weekend. The communion service that was held on Sabbath was emotional but uplifting as well. The testimonies and stories are some I won’t forget. Camp Au Sable was a beautiful place, and it was a nice change of scenery with missing home leave.

We were split up by grade for most of the weekend and it was great to meet with other Juniors and see what other schools were doing to lead out. It was great to feel the connections we made over the weekend. The games we participated in were really fun; my team almost won at musical chairs.

It was also great to get to know the other students from WA too. We know each other around campus but have different friend groups. It was nice getting to know them a bit better and develop a different connection with them too.”

We are thankful for staff from all the academies coming together to provide this opportunity for our students! Enjoy the pictures below taken by some of our students as well as Sue Nelson, Superintendent for Eduction.

You can read a full weekend overview as published by the Lake Union Herald HERE.


Laurella Case, Communication Coordinator