The LightHouse Thrift Store: May Sales & Volunteers Needed

The LightHouse Thrift Store: May Sales & Volunteers Needed

Check out the May sales from The LightHouse Thrift Store! Remember we have new hours: Sunday – Friday 10:00am to 3:30pm; closed Sabbath and the donation room is currently closed.

Also, we are in need of volunteers. Anyone who would like to come and help it would be greatly appreciated! If you have a full service camper bring it down and we will trade you water, electric and sewer for your time as a volunteer. Contact me at 920-623-0031.

Jim Parish, Wisconsin Academy Industries Director

LightHouse Thrift Store May 2020 Food Sales
Loma Linda Tuno12oz$2.89ea
Loma Linda Saucettes19oz$5.79ea$68.48 case
Loma Linda Super Links19oz$5.79ea$68.48 case
Loma Linda Swiss Stake with Gravy13oz$4.89ea$57.79 case
Loma Linda Linketts96oz$19.49ea $113.94 case
Loma Linda Vegetable Skallops50oz$12.59ea $149.99 case
Worthington Prosage Roll1 lb$7.19ea$83.28 case
Worthington Chic-ketts1 lb$7.19ea$83.28 case

The LightHouse is located at W959 State Road 16, Columbus, Wisconsin 53925

Hours of operation:

Sunday- Friday: 10:00am – 3:30pm
Saturday: Closed
Donation Room: Currently Closed