The LightHouse Thrift Store March Madness Sales

The LightHouse Thrift Store March Madness Sales
LightHouse Thrift Store March Madness Food Sales
ItemPrice Per ItemPrice Per CaseSavings Per Case (unless otherwise noted)
Loma Linda Big Franks 20oz$5.49$65.88$13.20
Loma Linda Nutmeat 14.5oz$4.99$29.94$4.20
Loma Linda Nutolene 14.5oz$4.99$29.94$4.20
Loma Linda Prime Stakes 13oz$4.99$59.88$8.40
Loma Linda Redi-Burger 19oz$5.79$69.48$9.60
Loma Linda Saucettes 19oz$5.79$69.48$9.60
Lome Linda Super Links 19oz$5.79$69.48$9.60
Loma Linda Swiss Stake 13oz$4.99$59.88$8.40
Loma Linda Meal Solutions 10oz:
–Chipotle Bowl$3.39$0.40 each
–Greek Bowl$3.39$0.40 each
–Hawaiian Bowl$3.39$0.40 each
–Italian Bolognese$3.39$0.40 each
–Med. Tomato/Pasta$3.39$0.40 each
–Southwest Chunky Stew$3.39$0.40 each
–Spicy Pad-Tai$3.39$0.40 each
–Tikki Masala$3.39$0.40 each
–Thai Green Curry w/Chik$3.39$0.40 each
–Thai Red Curry Mock Duck$3.39$0.40 each
–Ultimate Veggie Chili$3.39$0.40 each
Worthington X-Burger$4.89$0.70 each
Worthington Leanies$3.59$1.00 each
Worthington Steaklets$3.59$1.00 each
Worthington Deli Slices:
–Chicken$3.59$1.00 each
–Corned Beef$3.59$1.00 each
–Salami$3.59$1.00 each
–Smoked Turkey$3.59$1.00 each
–Ham$3.59$1.00 each

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