Giving Thanks for Wisconsin Adventist Schools

Giving Thanks for Wisconsin Adventist Schools

During the Thanksgiving season we stop to think about our blessings and give thanks. My visitations to the church schools has given me time to think how blessed we are right here in the Wisconsin Conference! The following are just a few ways we are blessed…

1. We are blessed with supportive Conference Administration who support and find ways to fund Adventist Education. They truly have a vision for the well-being and growth of all the young people in our conference.

2. Our Adventist teachers are outstanding! They put in long hours at school, but above all they truly love and care for their students and want to lead them to a closer walk with Jesus.

3. The new Encounter Bible Curriculum is leading students to a deeper understanding of Jesus. Students are able to share with each other and learn more about the Bible through a variety of activities.

4. Wisconsin churches are very supportive of the eleven Adventist schools in our conference. The generous donations of Koinz 4 Kidz, to provide scholarships for young people is amazing.  Many of our churches participate in the “YES” program to help young people attend Wisconsin Academy.

5. Our schools are blessed with volunteers who help correct school work, read with students, teach coding classes, provide hot lunch, and help transport students for field trips and service activities. What at blessing!!

6. Parents…Adventist Education is not cheap, but so worth the money. I am thankful that my parents made Adventist Education a priority for me. I met my husband at Andrews University and we have spent our married life working for God.

As we ponder what we are thankful for this holiday, just remember to thank those who have been a blessing to you! It could be a conference administrator, teacher, church member, volunteer, or parent. Enjoy the blessings God has given you this Thanksgiving!

Sue Nelson, Superintendent of Education