Teachers at Green Bay Adventist Junior Academy Develop Joint Teaching Plan

Students at Green Bay Adventist Junior Academy enjoy learning from a variety of teachers. Teachers work together to create a school schedule where they teach to their strengths and support each other to meet the needs of the students.

Vanessa Sloan is teaching a science class to grades 3 and 4. They are having fun reviewing what they have learned and are learning to take notes on new information!




















Principal Richard Bergeson is helping a student with some math homework while the homeroom teacher is helping another teacher with PE.




















Victor Villarreal uses fun activities to introduce his 5-8 Social Studies lessons.  On this particular day he had the students use their computers to answer questions on a Kahoot game.  Then he showed them part of a video about Jewish traditions.







































What a blessing to have a team of teachers dedicated to our students!


Sue Nelson, Superintendent for Education