Students at Bethel Jr. Academy Host Unique Fundraiser

Students at Bethel Jr. Academy Host Unique Fundraiser

On March 3, 2024 the students and staff of Bethel Jr. Academy held “A Night to Remember” as a benefit for the school’s art fund. The theme was “Past Decades.” Each student dressed and themed their table as a different decade starting from the 1920’s up to the early 2000’s.

Some examples of the different decades were:

The 1930’s table ate their soup out of tin cans because this was the era of the Great Depression and times were tough.

The 1940’s table ate their meal out of mess kits because this was the time of WWII and many people were in the military.

Each student gave a brief report of an important person from their decade.

The evening concluded with a slide show of old pictures of Bethel Academy, year book photos of alumni, and baby pictures of current students.


Jim Muhlenbeck, head teacher at Bethel Jr. Academy

Photo Credit: Pastor Drew Weaver