Science Labs with Milwaukee Students

Enjoy seeing what Milwaukee Seventh-day Adventist School students are learning in science lab, taught by teacher Alberto Torres.

Lab photosynthesis: Students will bubble some CO2 from mouth into bromothymol blue indicator solution in every one of the 3 test tubes & 2 will have a water plant in it (elodea). All will turn yellow. One will be exposed to the sun. It turned back into blue.The control one (no plant) was exposed and stayed yellow and the covered one with the water plant also stated yellow.
Student must explain what happened and why.

8th grade lab on plant transpiration: student must observe if water level lowers in the cup and if water drops build up on upper cup.

Another method to measure plant transpiration.

10th grade Biology Lab. Bioremediation.
Student will collect evidence on the pros and cons of bioremediation using a proprietary blend containing “oil eating bacteria”.

7th grade extracting strawberry DNA (intro into biotech)

7th grade extracting strawberry DNA (intro into biotech)

10th grade Biology lab. Studying Osmosis and Diffusion.
Using dialysis tube, starch solution, sucrose solution, iodine solution and sugar indicator.

Cups collected after the final observations were made for photo .

Student will should be capable to explain direction in which solutions moved and support with evidence.
10th grade Biology Project.
Student created animal cell model.
Materials: corn starch, glue, oil, food coloring.
Student must identify organelles and function.
7th grade art. Making Resin Casters.
Learn about resin and catalyst. Also, learn about color diffusion.

10th grade Biology students will prepare a microscope slide using a plant leaf and transfering a clear copy from the leaf underneath to it. The work was observed by and the product shared with distance students via google meet.