Petersen Students Lead Out in Sabbath Morning Church Services

Petersen Students Lead Out in Sabbath Morning Church Services

On two special Sabbaths in November and December, 2019, students at Petersen Elementary lead out in the their local Wisconsin Academy Church 11:00 am worship service. From greeting at the sanctuary doors to ushering at the close of the service, Petersen students were up-front and leading. While our local pastor, Jonathon Fetrick, took care of the sermon, Petersen students sang, read, prayed, and presented the children’s story. Of all the hard work the students put into creating these special Sabbath celebrations, I’m most proud of their children’s stories.

In preparation for our November service, a 7th grader asked if he could lead a skit. With the help of several schoolmates, he prepared a narrated skit based on the Biblical account of the 10 lepers. It was fantastically put together and elicited a few chuckles from the congregation (as most good children’s stories do).

For the children’s story in December, the 7th and 8th grade literacy class shared vignettes from the lives of early Adventist pioneers. The students created a brief narrated skit displaying the range of emotion likely felt the night of the Great Disappointment, and shared a story from Ellen Harmon White’s childhood, and of William Miller’s peacemaking.

We are so proud of their hard work!

Tiffany Meulemans, Grades 5-8 Teacher, Petersen Adventist School