Petersen Adventist School Hosts Veterans Tribute

Petersen Adventist School Hosts Veterans Tribute

On Tuesday, November 21, 2023, Petersen Adventist School hosted a tribute to Veterans in conjunction with their annual Thanksgiving meal. The school invited local veterans as well as family and friends to attend the program. The following was written by Debbie Darnall, Associate Superintendent for Education.

“Is there a veteran in your party?” Two smiling students greeted us at the door of Petersen Adventist School with pin in hand. They were ready to honor each veteran that came through their door to their school program that night.  We walked down a short hallway into the school gym and our eyes were met with patriotic sights of red, white, and blue. The stage was decorated with a huge, shiny, red, white, and blue banner. The tables had red flowers on them that reminded us of poppies.

After opening prayer, we took turns waiting in line for the feast that awaited everyone in attendance. Thanksgiving favorites such as rolls, Special K loaf, cheesy potatoes, corn, green bean casserole, sweet potatoes and other favorites made the whole gym smell wonderful and got our mouths salivating before we even sat down to eat.

After a welcome from Head Teacher Tiffany Meulemans, the VFW color guard brought in the colors. We all were getting into the patriotic spirit as we all helped to sing the Star–Spangled Banner.

While attendees continued to eat, Petersen students entertained us with their songs and speeches. Student voices rang out loud and clear. Special solos and two-part harmonies kept us fascinated and wondering what the next song would be like. “Veterans, We Love You”, “We will Remember”, “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy”, and “American Tears” were some of the songs the students sang. By the time we got to the song “America the Beautiful” the whole congregation was ready to join in the singing to show their love for country, following the young people’s good example.

After one more funny song called “I Want Some Pumpkin Pie”, it was time for dessert.  Veterans were asked to stand and Petersen students left the stage to personally escort each veteran to the dessert line first. After the veterans went through the rest of us got in line for some pie.

We owe a lot to our veterans who protect us! Veterans and their families give up a lot to be in service to the country. I am glad that our young people in the Wisconsin Conference are leaders in remembering to be thankful to our Veterans and celebrate them this Thanksgiving Season.


Photo Credits: Rhea Machkovitz and Debbie Darnall
Video Credits: Debbie Darnall