Our Wisconsin Adventist Schools During COVID-19

Our Wisconsin Adventist Schools During COVID-19
I (Sue Nelson, Superintendent of Education) enjoy meeting with all the teachers every Monday through Zoom. Our teachers face both successes and challenges. Many teachers have expressed how much they enjoy seeing each other during our Monday Zoom to exchanging ideas. I have encouraged them to post pictures and stories of neat things that are happening during this challenging time. Here are a few of those reports.

Green Bay Adventist Junior Academy

Carmen Magray, K-2 teacher: The K-2 students of AJA went on a bear hunt. We listened to the book, We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, during our Zoom meeting. Then we talked about where we would like to look for bears if we could go on our own bear hunt. We wrote our stories and shared them together during our Zoom meetings. We helped each author improve their stories by sharing what we really liked and what we still had questions about. We also had fun decorating a window of our house with a bear display showing where we found our bear on our bear hunt.

Hillside Christian School Teacher

Teacher Mrs. Charlyn Marsh wanted her students to continue contact with their friends at the local nursing home. Mrs. Marsh had the students make cards for the residents and she attached pictures of the students to the cards. Residents are very happy to stay in contact with the students! “Here we are in our workplaces at home,” says Mrs. Marsh .”Even though we see each other on Zoom everyday, I miss being together in person!”

Milwaukee Seventh-day Adventist School North Campus

Mrs. Lorenzo has her 1st and 2nd grade students creating encouraging messages for their friends at an assisted living facility they have visited earlier in the school year. The students will be taping their notes and pictures to the outside of the facility’s windows so the residents can see and enjoy them.

Petersen Elementary School

Petersen teachers and students meet everyday online for Bible. They have continued the tradition of having chapel, once a week, with Pastor Fetrick. Teachers, Tiffany Meulemans and Yolanda Voss are posting pictures of student work in their church newsletter to keep the church family connected with what is happening during online school.

Green Bay Adventist Junior Academy

Mrs. Inglish, grades 3-6 teacher, had a chapel online with her students. The students had fun singing along while Mrs. Inglish played her guitar.” The 5th and 6th graders made maps of Ancient Greece,” said Mrs. Inglish. “I can’t display student work in the hall anymore, so Facebook has become my bulletin board! These students are still hard at work even though the school doors are closed. Also, grades 3-6 made beautiful bird art last week. I love the bright colors!”

Three Angels Christian School

Jeannie Buchholz and Jayme Denis, teachers at Three Angels Christian School in Madison, meet every morning for student led worship.  At the end of the day the students and staff meet to have a closing prayer for the school day.

Milwaukee Adventist School South Campus

Melissa Chacon, 5th and 6th grade teacher, has listened to her students’ requests and created a YouTube page called, Miss Chacon. On this page you can find videos of Miss Chacon teaching Go Math! for grades 5 & 6.  What a wonderful resource for students. Check out the link.

Milwaukee Adventist School South Campus

Kindergarten teacher Gene Kittredge creates packets of work for his students in addition to some online work. He enjoys driving to each house to personally deliver the packets and connect with every family.

Green Bay Adventist Junior Academy

Carmen Magray, K-2 teacher: Every Wednesday, a different K-2 student is sharing a worship thought with us by Zoom before we start our day. A different student with their family are in charge each time. Last week Tanielys shared two scripture verses and what they meant to her. This week, the Condado family led worship. We enjoyed singing a song together, praying, and listening to a story read to us by Mr. Condado. Afterwards we drew a picture of the main idea of the story and what it teaches us about God.

Online schooling has provided students opportunities to tour museums virtually, watch experiments online, listen to a story on Your Story Hour each day, learn about composers and listen to their music, create art projects from Youtube videos, learn how to create google slides and powerpoints, and much, much more. Students and teachers are meeting online to share poetry, science projects, art projects, and daily worships.

Some teachers are providing some fun extracurricular challenges like outdoor photo scavenger hunts, building marshmallow and toothpick structures, and putting together puzzles.

This transition was not expected or planned, so as we work together to provide our students across Wisconsin with the best education, please pray for our teachers, students, and families.

Sue Nelson, Superintendent of Education