Wisconsin Students Raise Funds for Kosrae Mission School Gymnasium

Wisconsin Students Raise Funds for Kosrae Mission School Gymnasium

The Wisconsin Conference Education Department has partnered with other schools in the Lake Union to help the Adventist school on Kosrae, an island in Micronesia.  The Lake Union schools are helping raise money for the students on Kosrae to build a gymnasium. The goal is for each student in the Lake Union to raise $10.00 towards the project.  acie Reagan, 3-4 teacher at Milwaukee North Campus and Amy Moreno, 7-10 teacher at Green Bay Adventist Junior Academy have worked with their students to raise money for Kosrae. Enjoy their reports below. Thank you young people for helping others in need!

Sue Nelson, Superintendent of Education


Written by Jacie Reagan Milwaukee Adventist School, North Campus

My 3rd and 4th grade class has been collecting money for Kosrae since the beginning of the school year. Students have brought in loose change or dollars. At Christmas time, the students asked me about participating in Secret Santa. I agreed that we could participate if the students spent $5 on Secret Santa gifts and brought in $5 for Kosrae. The students have been excited and willing to raise money for Kosrae. We raised $91.35 so far.

Written by Dayle Kurowski, Eighth Grade Student at Green Bay Adventist Junior Academy

In the 7-10 classroom at Adventist Junior Academy in Green Bay, Wisconsin, we made challah bread to raise money for Kosrae. It was not without challenges but we learned from our experience. It was our first time making bread together. One of the most difficult parts was when we had to get the bread a specific texture when kneading. We had flour everywhere! When the bread was done rising, we took it out of the bowl and had to try to braid it. We watched a video over one hundred times, and we still didn’t understand. So we did our best. We braided the bread our own way. Some of our braids came out ok, others were interesting.

After that we put egg yolk on the bread and froze it, because we ran out of time. The next week we baked the bread. But then the teacher forgot about it and it was burnt to a rock. So then we had to do it again.

We learned from the first attempt many valuable lessons. Such as the importance of practicing and setting a timer. We practiced with playdoh to braid the bread, so then we were professional bread braiders. We were going to sell the bread at the Vendor Show that weekend to raise funds for Kosrae. Now when we baked it the night before, the teacher was very careful not to bum it. It got checked very, very often.

At the Vendor Show the next day, we sold it with cinnamon butter. We sold it all and made over $217 dollars! We are so glad we didn’t give up the first time!