Hillside Students Praise God With Music

Hillside Students Praise God With Music

“Hurry up and get in line. It’s almost time for us to play,” says one student.

“My part is so cool! I can’t wait to play it,” says another.

These are examples of chatter you might hear as students at Hillside Christian school line up in the foyer and prepare to play their chimes at The Shepherd’s House SDA Church in Wausau, Wisconsin.

Music is important at Hillside Christian School. Music is taught every week. Students learn music theory, about the great composers, and about hymns. They also play choir chimes regularly for The Shepherd’s House.

Playing chimes has many benefits. Students learn about rhythm, note duration, melodic line, and harmony. Through ringing, students increase their listening skills, independent thinking, physical coordination, attention span, self-discipline, and personal expression. They also gain social and emotional skills through collaboration and the development of self-esteem. “Working with a group of ringers teaches tolerance, patience, support, and cooperation, to name a few,” says Hillside teacher, Charlyn Marsh.

Most importantly, playing chimes during the church service provides a way for students to praise their Creator and connect the church and school.

Article and pictures by Jody Marsh, Shephard’s House Seventh-day Adventist Church