Green Bay School: Come On Down to Beach Day!

Green Bay School: Come On Down to Beach Day!

Here at Green Bay Adventist Junior Academy (GBAJA), we have a yearly tradition. What’s that tradition, you ask? Ask any student, and they will tell you, with a happy grin on their face, “We go to the beach on the first week of school!” That’s right. We have a beach day. Want to know another exciting piece of information? The entire school gets to go!

Here at GBAJA, we take beach day very seriously. We rent a giant yellow bus that seems to stretch on for a mile. We bring the most enormous buckets to create, what appears to be, the largest sandcastles in the world! But you know what makes “beach day” the best day of the first week of school… the students!

Upon arriving at the Oconto Falls West Side Beach, students made a b-line for the waterfront. There were vigorous swimming competitions and people burying people in the sand. The best thing of all was the most enormous moat you have ever seen being created around the lounging teachers!

Here’s what a few students think about this year’s beach day,

“My favorite part about beach day was that everybody in the whole school got to hang out with each other.” – Gideon Chilson

“My favorite part was wrestling with James in the water. I won most times.” – Yan Peralta

After a long day of fun, the students said goodbye to “beach day.” They loaded their towels, their bags of wet swimsuits and sunscreen, and loaded up on the big yellow bus. As the bus doors closed and the engine ignited into a rumble, the students looked back at the beach with longing eyes.

“Goodbye, beach day! See you next year!”

Madeline Konshak, Secretary for GBAJA