An Update on Wisconsin Adventist Schools During COVID-19

An Update on Wisconsin Adventist Schools During COVID-19

Dear Wisconsin Conference Constituents,

The Coronavirus Pandemic has impacted our families around the conference. To stop the spread of the COVID-19 and follow the Wisconsin governor’s mandates, all Wisconsin Conference Adventist schools are physically closed until further notice.

Although our schools are closed, our focus is to provide continued learning for our students. To better facilitate learning in all areas of the conference, dedicated Wisconsin teachers are meeting, through Zoom, to discuss and share best how to reach and teach their students.

Teachers must think outside the box since there are some challenges that come with distance learning. Some areas are limited with internet access so teachers are planning either education boxes (which are filled with textbooks, worksheets, reading books, math aids, science experiments, and a weekly assignment sheet) or packets of work parents pick up each week. Another challenge is how to connect with each student. Many teachers are using Zoom or Google hangouts to connect daily to have face to face instruction with new curriculum. Connecting through texting and phone calls is another avenue of communication.

On the flip side, there are many free resources available to enhance learning, one being Your Story Hour website where students can listen to one free story a day. Students can tour national parks, zoos, and museums virtually. They can take an art class from a famous artist or listen to an astronaut read a book from space.  A photo scavenger hunt and writing letters to grandparents and church members are just some of the creative ideas being pursued by our Wisconsin teachers.

The Wisconsin Conference principals and teachers will be in touch with parents and students to communicate the learning process.

We serve a wonderful God who loves us and is in control! Please keep our teachers, students, and families in your prayers.

In His Service,

Sue Nelson, Superintendent of Education


Pictures below of school activities prior to COVID-19 Pandemic

Three Angels Christian School in Madison held a Grandparents Banquet just prior to COVID-19.

It was a lovely Wednesday afternoon at the Three Angels Christian School. Students and staff had decorated their school lunch room and hallways in a Spring theme and were eagerly awaiting special guests. As the special grandparents arrived, students led them to a designated table and filled out a get-to-know-you worksheet. Everyone enjoyed wonderful company, a meal, games, and a mini-program. The mini-program consisted of singing, special music on the piano, and the 7th and 8th graders presented their projects from Project Based Learning Fair. The students and grandparents had a wonderful time together and are looking forward to next year.

Jayme Denis, Three Angels Christian Scohol Teacher with Sue Nelson, Superintendent of Education

The Hillside Christian School fish are fine! Teacher Charlyn Marsh is still feeding them. (picture taken during spring break)

Hillside School art projects.

Bulletin Boards at Three Angels Christian School.