5th and 6th Grade Students Stand Firm for Jesus at Outdoor Education

5th and 6th Grade Students Stand Firm for Jesus at Outdoor Education

Students from across Wisconsin recently attended the annual Outdoor Education experience at Camp Wakonda put on by the Education Department. Fifty seven students plus their sponsors and some pastors from the Wisconsin Conference gathered together for the three day event focused on this year’s theme “Stand Firm for Jesus.”

Upon arriving at Camp Wakonda, the students enjoyed some team building activities, lead by teacher Tiffany Meulemans, which helped them all get to know one another. Then they were divided into teams that would travel around campus together attending various activities and classes. The first day ended with some group games with teacher Chad Zalabak and a worship time with pastor Jonathan Fetrick. That night, students were given the opportunity to go on a night hike with pastor Kevin Moreno to search for Yooperlites, rocks that glow in the dark due to the Sodalite they contain.

The next morning after breakfast, the group enjoyed worship with Youth Director, Zack Payne, before heading out with their teams for the day’s activities. An evening group activity was followed by worship with Zack Payne and then a special campfire for all the students to enjoy.

Pastor Fetrick led out in the final morning worship before the student teams attended their last classes. By mid-day it was time to pack and head for home. When asked to write about their time at Outdoor Education, several students responded:

“Outdoor ed is one of the most fun activities to do in the fall. Did you know that there are thousands of spiders in the world? You can learn all kinds of facts at Outdoor ed.”
“We got to find glowing stones and polish fossils.”
“How fun outdoor ed really is… We did lots of activities.”
“Outdoor ed is so much fun because there are hikes!”
“We got to make bats and learn how they are clean.”
“Outdoor ed is so much fun because there are crafts that you get to do.”
“I enjoyed having fun with my cabin.”

The pictures below will give you and up-close view on all the fun classes and activities enjoyed during this year’s Outdoor Education experience.

Sue Nelson, Superintendent for Education
Laurella Case, Communication Coordinator

Students enjoying lunch after arriving at Camp Wakonda to begin their adventure.

Playing “Get to Know You” games.

The students had the opportunity to participate in several classes with teachers, pastors and other volunteers. Here the students are learning about Rocks with Pastor Kevin Moreno.

They also were able to learn about Bats with teacher, Rosanna Zeismer.

God’s creation is full of symmetry and the students were able to learn about this with teacher, Liz Channell.

Here they are learning about wings and flight with pastor, Loren Nelson.

Another of the interesting topics the students were able to experience was Spiders, with Pastor Scott Manly. Enjoy the up-close pictures taken by Pastor Manly!

The fun continued with “Dig It!”, archeology with teacher, Vanessa Sloan.

Teacher, Travis Dennis helped the students learn skills of Track & Trail.

The students also got the chance to learn some team building skills with teacher, Tiffany Meulemans.

In addition to learning about wings, the students were also able to learn about the physics of flight with Science Teacher, David Chapman.

Here the students are learning about filters with pastor’s wife, Melody Michalski.

In addition to the activities rotation during the day, there were fun Minute to Win It games as well.

No event would be complete without food! Students enjoyed meals in Fireside Lodge cafeteria. They also took turns cleaning up after meals.

Every morning and evening everyone joined together for a time of worship. On the last evening, they enjoyed sharing a campfire just outside the cafeteria.