Editor’s Note: Being Kind

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My mother had a total knee replacement four days ago and I’ve had the privilege of being with her during surgery and the week following. She is doing well, but it has caused her quite a bit of pain and frustrating set-backs from doing what she normally does.

Yet, during my brief stay with Mom it has been heart-warming to see so much kindness expressed by her church family. One of her church friends came and prayed with her before surgery, then stayed with me in the waiting room until we knew Mom’s surgery was successful. After surgery several people stopped by to see how she was and share their prayers and encouragement. When we returned home, church family came to visit, bring flowers, provide food, and even help her clean house. Those who couldn’t come by called, texted, and sent thoughtful cards. Each kindness was such an encouragement to mom, and I believe a great bonus in her healing.

Kindness means being friendly, generous, considerate, thoughtful, honest, compassionate, sensitive, and helpful. Proverbs 19:22 says, “That which makes a man desirable is his kindness.” Wow! Simple kindness. It means so much.

We need an abundance of kindness in our homes, churches, and communities. When we practice kindness, a wonderful sense of community is created. There are so many ways to be kind and so many opportunities to practice kindness each day. Demonstrating simple kindness is a value that will wonderfully recommend our Savior to neighbors and friends.

“Lord, help me be a little kinder in my approach to the various people and situations that come into my life.”

Juanita Edge, Communication Director