Each One Reaching Wisconsin

It has been a blessing to see the response to our Reach Wisconsin initiative!  In 2024 all of our Hispanic churches and close to 35 of our English churches are participating by holding a series in their local church. We have over 40 lay people that are committed to participating in sharing the gospel through public evangelism! I know that God will bless and this will be an exciting time for Wisconsin.

Another way that we are “Reaching Wisconsin” is through our Volunteer Lay Pastor (VLP) program. We currently have over 40 people connected with the program, over 20 of whom are credentialed VLPs and seven are currently pastoring a church under the leadership of a district pastor. Our conference is being blessed by the faithful service of our VLP’s!

As part of the program, we hold training sessions three times annually at the conference office where we spend the weekend learning how we can better serve our congregations and spread the message of Jesus.

If you are interested in learning more about the VLP program, or participating in the Reach Wisconsin initiative, please contact your pastor!

A special thanks to all of you for your faithful service to God.


Adam Case, Ministerial Director