What is a “Virtual 5K”?
A virtual 5K has the same concept as a regular 5K, but allows participants to create their own race route and complete it at their own home(s).

How do I map my own route?
There are numerous apps for your phone or other device that can help you map out a course in your area. Some examples are MapMyRun or Strava. Other ways would be to drive a route and check your odometer to see what would constitute 5K.

Is it timed? 
Usually, we have timed the hustle, but the logistics and timing don’t allow for that this year. Instead, if you happen to time yourself, you can upload your times and we will post the times one week after the race. Upload your times within a week and we’ll share who was fastest in our age categories – if you so choose.

When is the race?
The race will be the same as it would have been had we been at Camp Wakonda – June 14, 2020 at 7:40 am.

Why should I pay for this?
The race fee is $20. As always, the funds from the Hallelujah Hustle help keep the hustle going for the next year, but more importantly, they go towards worthy causes in our community. Before we had to cancel the traditional hustle, we had made arrangements for a three-way donation: (1) 2 Summer Camp Scholarships at Camp Wakonda; (2) 10% of all proceeds going toward Koinz 4 Kidz and Wisconsin Academy, which would be used for helping students be able to attend our church schools in Wisconsin; (3) Primates, Incorporated, a monkey retirement home just a few miles away from the campgrounds. These will be our targets for the 2021 hustle, as well, so funds raised from this race will be saved through next year so we can give a larger dollar amount to these worthy causes.

What does registration include?
The registration includes a themed t-shirt, racing bib, postage to mail these items directly to you in time for the race, and will be saved toward the donations given next year at our traditional race. Register online at hallelujahhustle.com from April 17-May 17 to get a T-Shirt and racing bib mailed to you. If you miss the window to register, that’s ok, you can still register up until the morning of – you just won’t have the t-shirt to wear on the day.

Do I have to do it alone?
No! We do not want to encourage disregarding social distancing protocol, but if times have changed by the race date and social restrictions have become more relaxed, we encourage you to find a walking buddy!

How will I find updates?
Check our website regularly as well as our Facebook page. Also, check the Wisconsin Conference of Seventh-day Adventists website!Take a picture of your walk, who you walk with, sporting your Hustle gear, and share it with us on Facebook using the hashtag #hallelujahhustleinplace2020 or email it to us at hallelujahhustle@gmail.com. We’ll then share these photos and videos on our website and Facebook for all to see and enjoy together!

How does this make me part of a community?
Our efforts behind the virtual 5K is to encourage physical activity as well as encourage keeping in touch with one another as we usually do at campmeeting. Just because we cannot physically meet in Westfield this summer doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy activities together! Use the hashtag #hallelujahhustleinplace2020 on social media sites to see posts from racers as well as to share your own.

Johanna Serna, Hallelujah Hustle Director
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