Praying for Seven Hours?

Praying for Seven Hours?

“If my people pray…”

At 10:00 pm, on Wednesday June 15, during the recent Wisconsin camp meeting, two individuals began the All Night Prayer Vigil. One, a head elder from a church in the Kentucky/Tennessee Conference, was interested to see what it was all about. The other was myself. One of their first questions to me was, “Are you going to be here all night?” “Yes” was my reply, and that would mean seven hours!

Within twenty minutes we had a group of six, with four more joining at different times during the night. When we ended Thursday morning, we had the original six of us, plus one whom the Lord woke up at 4:00 am in answer to her prayer to join us for the last hour.

Seven hours may sound like an impossibility – to pray that long, but in reality it wasn’t long enough and the time flew by! We sensed the Lord’s presence and blessings on our worship as we sang together each hour, read scriptures, gave testimonies, prayer walked, prayed silently over own concerns, and prayed over each other’s heavy heart concerns. We know God did something for each person we lifted up to Him.

We ended at 5:00 am on Thursday morning with a commitment to God to help us keep the “morning watch” like Jesus did (Mark 1:35). We believe each of you will feel His presence, for we prayed for all of you too!

Lesa Budd, Prayer Vigil leader