Editor’s Note: Camp Meeting “Gets to Go Home With You!”

Editor’s Note: Camp Meeting “Gets to Go Home With You!”

I remember going to meet our daughter, Jennifer, at the Primary tent years ago at Washington Conference camp meeting. Josephine Cunnington Edwards, their guest speaker, told fascinating stories and Jennifer adored her. I had purchased a set of Josephine’s story tapes the night before, and we were all looking forward to hearing her again.

As Primary dismissed, I noticed Jennifer working her way against the flow of exiting children, headed toward the stage and Josephine. Curious to know her intentions, I quickly worked my way around the mass of children and got close enough to hear part of their conversation.

“My mom bought your story tapes,” said Jennifer, her eyes dancing proudly. “Wonderful!” beamed Josephine. “That means I get to go home with you!”

Fortunately 44 sermons of this year’s camp meeting are “going home” with us through YouTube! The speakers were so good, I plan to enjoy listening and re-listening to them all over the next few months. The sermons are all listed on the Wisconsin Conference website camp meeting page, and linked from the button below.

I hope you are as excited as I am that camp meeting “gets to go home with you!”

Juanita Edge, Communication Director