Camp Lamp Thursday: God’s Blessings on Wisconsin Academy

Camp Lamp Thursday: God’s Blessings on Wisconsin Academy

Over the past school year, Wisconsin Academy has been blessed in many ways. With COVID behind us, we are returning to many activities that had been discontinued. Music groups and WAY Teams were again able to visit many of our Wisconsin churches. Our students played Friendship Games with students from Milwaukee Seventh-Day Adventist School and Green Bay Adventist Jr. Academy. We also were excited to to host Music Fest again, and we are planning a Youth Rally for next year.

Service is something we emphasize at Wisconsin Academy. One of many service activities our students participated in this year was a mission trip to Puerto Rico. We had around 50 participants from Wisconsin Academy and Milwaukee Seventh-day Adventist School. Students and staff helped prepare our sister summer camp for their summer program. Additional outreach activities included a day at Camp Wakonda helping to prepare for camp meeting, doing highway cleanup, and collecting food for a local food bank.

We have also been able to enhance the academy curriculum by adding two new classes to the schedule this year. We plan to add up to six new classes next year, providing a more well-rounded and robust curriculum in the Tech Ed., Computer Science, and Art departments.

Thanks to the donations of church members and alumni, we have begun a program to renovate the buildings on campus. The Tech Ed. building is almost completely re-sided and winterized, which will allow us to offer classes year-round, with a rotation of four different classes rather than the one we currently have. Renovations have also begun on the Quonset, and plans are being made to remodel the Science Lab this year. These all are part of a multi-year plan to renovate all the buildings on campus.

These improvements at Wisconsin Academy are due to the generosity of many of you! Not only have people given of their means, but some have given of their time and equipment. As a result, we have been able to do what we couldn’t afford to do without this help.

Thank you for your continuing support of the academy and adding to God’s blessings on His school.


Ken Smith, Wisconsin Academy Principal