Camp Meeting: Items to Note

Camp meeting is coming up soon! To help you in your planning we have a few items to share:

1. VERY IMPORTANT: Check-out Time is 10:00 am on Sunday, June 23. This is because our Cub Camp/Blind Camp begins that same day and, for safety reasons, we cannot have others on the camp grounds. Please plan to have your site packed up and be able to leave Camp Wakonda by 10:00 am on Sunday, June 23. Due to the International Pathfinder Camporee, our summer camp program begins earlier this year.

2. We are aiming to have our evening program finished by 8:45pm to help you have more time in the evening for visiting and getting little ones to bed.

3. Church Revitalization Seminar, with Richie Halversen will be held during the 2:30pm daily seminar time. Elders and Church Board members are encouraged to attend, although everyone is welcome!

4. Leadership Forum: 2:00 pm on Sunday, June 16. Elders, Church Board members and all church leaders are encouraged to meet with our conference Administrators and Directors for a time of sharing and discussion.

We look forward to this time of spiritual renewal together! For information about our guest speakers click HERE.


Laurella Case, Communication Coordinator