Help Needed with Second ACS Afghanistan Clothing Collection for Fort McCoy Refugees

Help Needed with Second ACS Afghanistan Clothing Collection for Fort McCoy Refugees

Loading at Fox Valley Seventh-day Adventist Church

Well this has been a busy week and with the shipping of 95 boxes of new clothing to Fort McCoy, Wisconsin, it has been a blessing. The people welcomed the clothing with open arms. They were very appreciative.

I want to say thank you to all who participated in this endeavor. I know there were people who were disappointed that they didn’t get in on the first drive, so we are planning another one starting now. Even though this endeavor may be ongoing for several months we would like to make another delivery the week of September 26.

Attached you will find an updated list of the clothing needs for Fort McCoy. You will notice a few changes from the first list and winter clothing, ie coats, hats, mittens, boots, are added to the list and we do not need flip-flops or sandals at this time. Remember we are not accepting used clothing at this time.

So how can you help? I would like to encourage each church to be a collection site for their community. We can reach out and invite our communities to be a part of this project. Each church would collect, sort, and pack the boxes with like items and sizes, then label them with the attached label. The label will have the number of items/packages/pair in the box and what size. This would be so helpful for those packing the truck/trailer. Ideal boxes are the Walmart 11X17X13 inches high boxes but we will accept other size boxes, so use whatever you have. Please attach the label to the right top part of the side of the box.

Central drop-off points are:

1. Milwaukee Central SDA Church, Pastor Sheldon Bryon : 1-414-982-9976
2. Fox Valley SDA Church, Pastor Carlos Ancheta:  You can drop off at the church during the day.  t will be checked frequently and taken inside.
3. Clear Lake SDA Church, Alice Garrett:  608-234-3883  Text or leave a message for drop-off time.
4. Green Bay SDA Church, Pastor Kevin Moreno: 608-415-9989

You will note that if people wish to order items online, please have items sent to me, as Fort McCoy is not accepting packages coming from on-line at this time:

Alice Garrett
142 First Street
Clear Lake, WI,  54005

Any questions??  Contact:

Alice Garrett
call or text 608-345-3883

Downloads here:




Thank you for being a part of this endeavor and for your generosity.

Alice Garrett, Wisconsin Adventist Community Services Director