Wisconsin Club Ministries Leadership

Wisconsin Club Ministries Leadership

Last Wednesday, the Wisconsin Conference Executive Committee voted to approve a new leadership structure for Wisconsin Club Ministries. Most of the team remains the same, however some key changes have been made. Each Club Ministries branch now has its own coordinator: Allison Payne for Adventurers, Glen Morrow for Pathfinders, and Cristofe Guzman for Master Guides. Additionally, Becky Ziesmer will now fill the role of Club Ministries Secretary. These leaders bring expertise and enthusiasm to their roles, and the new placements will play an important role in jump starting our clubs and taking them to a whole new level. The Wisconsin Conference has never had Master Guide clubs in the past, but this past year saw the introduction of several such clubs: in Milwaukee and Columbus. The hope is that these types of clubs will play an important role in ministry to and leadership training for young adults in our state. We even have our very first Master Guide Camporee in the works for this coming September 2-4. The annual LeaderShop event will also feature tracks for Adventurers, Pathfinders, and TLT/Master Guide club leaders. While this past year was more normal than the previous, everyone is still getting back to fully-normal after the pandemic. However, as we approach the International Pathfinder Camporee (August 5-11, 2024), history shows that we’ll see an increase in club membership and even number of clubs, so we’re doing what we can to capitalize on that and be ready for the increase. If you would like more information about Wisconsin Club Ministries, please visit wakonda.org/clubs. For more information on why you don’t want to miss the International Pathfinder Camporee, visit camporee.org.

The Wisconsin Club Ministries Leadership team is:

Youth Director: Pastor Zack Payne

Club Ministries Secretary: Becky Ziesmer

Adventurers Coordinator: Allison Payne

Pathfinders Coordinator: Glen Morrow

Northwest Area Coordinator: Jody and Charlyn Marsh

Northeast Area Coordinator: Becky Ziesmer and Becka Helsius

Southern Area Coordinator: Steve and Carol Mertens

Southeast Hispanic Area Coordinator: Gabriel Rivera

TLT Coordinator: TBA

Master Guide Coordinator: Pastor Cristofé Guzmán