Monday, March 4: Wisconsin Conference Pastors Israel Trip

Monday, March 4: Wisconsin Conference Pastors Israel Trip

We greeted this Monday morning by sailing out into the misty waters of the Sea of Galilee. As the sunlight peaked through the clouds we raised our voices in songs of praise and our hearts were moved. So much of the ministry of Jesus happened here, on or around this lake. We saw a few wiping tears from their eyes.

Next we visited the shore along Galilee much like where Peter would have kept his fishing boats. By a grassy hillside we read the Beatitudes Jesus shared in a similar place nearby.

Then we walked through the old ruins of Capernaum, the town of Jesus. Here we were able to see the remains of the house where Peter most likely lived, and the synagogue where Jesus healed the centurion’s daughter, and cast the unclean spirit out of a man.

Next we entered Magdala, and were able to walk on Madgala stone streets where Jesus must have trod as he went through the town. Here again our emotions were moved by a painting of a women in Magdala reaching in faith for healing with just a touch of Jesus’ robe.

After lunch, we gathered along the banks of the Jordan River as five members of our group were baptized or re-baptized. This began a time of testimonies of God’s amazing love and leading in lives. For the third time today, our hearts were moved to tears. We all felt the Holy Spirit ‘s call to rededication, and sensed the great privilege we have of being in His service.

Juanita Edge, Communication Director