Food Delivery From The Light House to Area Churches

Food Delivery From The Light House to Area Churches

Good afternoon. I am writing because of the food routes I am planning on doing the end of February and the beginning of March. I don’t think my last email was clear enough so I am going to try and clear things up a little bit.

We will be doing the food truck sales like the ABC used to do, BUT WE DO NOT HAVE BOOKS AT THIS TIME. We will have Worthington, Loma Linda, Cedar Lake, Heritage and Morning Star foods. You may also order any other item on the list. On our food routes, we will carry limited amounts of food items, and when we run out we will be out. If you order in advance, you will receive your order as long as we have it in stock. I need to place my order the beginning of February in order to be guaranteed your order will arrive in time. I will need your order no later than Monday, February 4. You may still order after that date but I cannot guarantee that you will receive your entire order.

Wisconsin is divided into five regions and we will be delivering to every region. If you attend an outlying church then you may have to pick up at a different church. The churches that are closer to me we can deliver to anytime, so we can set up dates later.

I am trying to get down to Racine-Waukesha area on Friday, February 15, La Crosse on February 22, and another area on March 1. We can deliver to Shawano February 8, and possibly Fond du Lac, Fox Lake, and Green Bay. We will not be staying for long periods of time at any one location.

I am preaching at the Lakeland Church on March 30, so I may wait until then for the Tomahawk area. Any dates that I have so far can and might change.

If you would like an order form, please email me or call at: 920-623-0031,

I have also been asked about donation pick-ups while I am dropping off. That is a possibility, but that will need to be scheduled ahead of time to make sure that I have enough room in the truck. If I have churches to deliver to after yours, I will not be able to bury the merchandise.

If anyone has questions please feel free to email me or call the LightHouse.

Also, the LightHouse is looking for some WORKING flat screen TVs to mount around the store to play videos. We are also in need of someone who can build us a web site.

Thank you and have a blessed day.

Jim Parish, Wisconsin Academy Industries Director

Phone 920-623-0031

Cell: 920-382-4922