Editor’s Note: Counsel to Women

Editor’s Note: Counsel to Women

After lunch today we read our daily devotional from, The Upward Look. It was an excerpt from a sermon given by Ellen G. White in 1884 entitled “Counsel to Women.” I’m always inspired when I read something Mrs. White wrote, and today was no exception. While she presented this especially for women, I believe it is good counsel for everyone who claims Christ.

“The rich blessings of heaven are all ready to be showered upon us. Don’t be selfish. With too many, all there is to religion is: Me and my family. They will not go out of their way to help and bless any others. In such case, God cannot bless them. It is when we are drawn out from self that God blesses us. He wants us to be drawn out from ourselves. That which we sow, we will reap. If you sow selfishness, you will reap selfishness, that is, you will have it fastened upon you. Let us get out of self and talk of the mercies and blessings of God

“Let all the sisters feel that if they haven’t a husband to lean upon, they will lean more heavily upon God. Every one of our sisters can be a living missionary, and can bring light into every meeting. Do we act as though we were called from darkness into marvelous light? or as if we were lugging along a heavy weight? We must talk light and pray light, and light will come in. If only women in the church [would] show that God can work through women. It was Mary that first preached a risen Jesus…. There are richer blessings for those that have the harder conflict, for Christ is a present help in trouble. But we must be divested of selfishness; be acquainted with the Lamb of God that taketh away the sin of the world, and we shall thus grow more and more like Jesus till the crown of immortality is placed upon our brows.” The Upward Look, p. 147

Some experiences in life can make us feel devalued. Yet no matter who we are or what our circumstances, the ultimate pick-me-up comes from being with Jesus, speaking of Jesus, and serving others like Jesus. I needed this counsel today, and I hope it encourages you. What a friend we have in Jesus!

Juanita Edge, Communication Director