Nieman, Daisy

Otter Creek Christian Academy Grades K-8

I was born in Wisconsin and completed my elementary and academy years here. My teachers taught me many practical skills that I also use in my classroom. Cleaning, sewing, cooking and baking to name a few. I specialize in teaching about health and participate in PE activities with my students. Technology is used every day in as many classes as possible. I have chosen to work in a church school so I can teach Bible. The whiteboard is utilized in Bible story illustrations. This has been very helpful in reaching visual and ESL learners. It is a blessing to see my students from previous years who have chosen to also work in God’s vineyard.


  • Bachelor of Science in Christian Elementary Education from Weimar College
  • 5th Year Program from Pacific Union College
  • North American Division Commissioned Ministry of Teaching Credential February 14, 1998
  • Supervision of a student teacher during her practicum.
  • North American Division Professional Teaching Certificate with endorsements in Elementary Education, Reading, Jr Acad Health/PE, Jr Acad Religion