Lisa Isensee

Mission Advancement Officer at ASAP Ministries

Lisa Isensee of ASAP Ministries

In a way, I’m a story-teller for ASAP. I delight in sharing both what God is doing, as well as opportunities to make a difference and meet needs for God’s precious people. As Mission Advancement Officer, my goal is to share our mission and vision with people around North America. I love getting to know our partners in ministry, who are hastening Christ’s coming with their financial gifts and prayer-support. I also watch for volunteers and help equip and train them to fulfill Jesus’ gospel commission to reach refugees, the poor, the persecuted, and the unreached. Based on Luke 10:2, I am praying that God raises up more workers (both overseas and in our country) to reach the world ASAP. Toward this end, I also serve as the Vice President of Evangelism for the Lake Union Conference chapter of Adventist-laymen’s Services & Industries (ASI).